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Star Wars fever hasn’t been this high since the original movie hit the theaters. If you’re planning to do a Star Wars theme you need this ebook. It covers activities and games that cover the span of all the movies. The first section has a bunch of ideas for a general Star Wars universe theme. The second section is all about running a Jedi Academy theme

This ebook will awaken your Camp Spirit with:

  • lego-scene1Decoration Ideas
  • Meal Ideas
  • Costuming Ideas
  • Craft Ideas
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Hunts
  • Competitions
  • A Jedi Academy Program
  • …and more

Save Hours of Time

What is your time worth? This ebook will save you many, many hours creating a special and memorable theme week.

PDF eBook

This is a book in PDF format. All you need os Adobe Acrobat to view it, which is standard in nearly all computers these days. A link will be emailed to you when the ebook is ready.


I am so sure that you will find this ebook such an invaluable resource that I am giving you a 60 day money back guarantee that starts after you receive the ebook. If you find this book is not worth it’s weight in gold simply email me your reasons why and I will refund your money immediately. Bam! All the risk is gone.

This is a Digital Download ebook which means you’ll receive a download link in your email box within minutes. If you don’t receive it right away check your SPAM folder or email


Copyright Disclaimer

This book was not authorized, prepared, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd., The Walt Disney Company, or any other individual or entity associated with the Star Wars books or movies and is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only.


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